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It all started way before this but it would be too long if i got into that so im gonna start from the fresh part....
In 1999 Chase Evans met a kid named Kevin Schmitz. He went over his house one day and was mistakenly called Grant. A Grant Van Peski that lived in the area. Kevin dicided to take Chase to Grant's house to meet him. When they went up to Grant's room Chase noticed a bass and an amplifyer. Chase had been looking for a bass player because his previous faliure of a band had no bassist in it. So Chase immediatly called his mom and got her to bring his amplifyer and guitar over Grants and sleep over. They played their guitars the whole time. In a night of laughter, stobe-lights and nude glimpses of Kevin... they fell asleep with their instruments.
The next day they had come up with a name for the band. It was called "Catch 21" and Chase had already written a song called "Dont Bite Your Tounge" (an old classic no regrets hit... little did they know it would be one of the most popular songs they would play at their first show.) They went to Kevin's house and they had him sit in on drums using a "talk girl" to record the one track.
After weeks the birth of another hit song was given. At one of the first band practices with Grant and Kevin... Chase wrote another old No Regrets favorite... "If Its Alright". The song was written toward their favorite band at the time Blink-182. Most of the lyrics were sort of taken from bits of Dude Ranch songs. Like the line "Watching my house shrink away" could be found on that record. The song was an instant smash selling 2 copys! haha! They got good enough to play a concert...
But before the concert took place the band had been renamed "No Regrets". Wait you may be saying. Where did they get the name No Regrets? Well Chase was watching the movie "Out Cold" when the guy who got his penis stuck in the hot tub says "No Regrets. Thats my motto. That and everybody wang chung." So Chase thought that was a cool name and it would hold them over for a while. But the name just stuck.
"I thought the name No Regrets was gay." -Kevin.
"I thought the name kevin was gay." -Chase
On March 16 2001... the first No Regrets show was played in a garage in Carlsbad, California selling 12 tickets and making 43 dollars. (which was alot to the band untill they tried to buy something at the neighborhood music store.) They played the following songs: The Hives "Hate To Say I Told You So" Green Day "Brain Stew" Boxcar Racer "I Feel So" No Regrets "If Its Alright" No Regrets "Good Things Go"..... But since they shared the stage with Dos Hombres (The Mariachi Punk-Rock Band) they werent the only stars on the stage. Dos Hombres closed off the show with their hit songs "Im Just A Greedy Bastard" and "The Friendly Owl". Even pets came to see this fantastic spectacle of a show. It was quite a night for everybody.
Soon the band got sick of Kevin and fired him from the band basically because he couldn't drum himself out of a wet paper bag. But... they felt sorry for him and made him the manager to shut him up.
Later, Chase ended up firing Grant because he couldn't make any practices. So they were short a bass player. And guess who they hired...
Kevin. The hopeless child. But they soon fired him too because he simply sucked. And soon, No Regrets gained a new drummer when 8th grade started up. His old friend from 7th grade... Tanner Turner. He is the best drummer ever. They got their friend Chris Baca (the neighbor hood hobo that you can find from time to time in Carl's Jr.'s drive thru's or in Vons singing the meow mix song) to play Rythym Guitar and they ended up with Jeff Piper from their school to play the bass. And he made the practices. It was finally a real band...
On May 23 2003... they played their second show at the Multi-Purpose room at Valley Middle School with Geek Mafia. They played Dips, The March Of Trashy Hill, Burgers & Fries, and Adam's Song (Blink-182)
They kicked ass and had alot of applause which was a miracle for the band. May I note that this was the first and last time that No Regrets would play Burgers & Fries. So if you missed it then... TOO BAD! Just kidding... it was a horrible song anyways...
Over the summer of 2003, No Regrets worked on just plain old band practice every monday and cleaning up some of their songs. In August 2003, the band had agreed to put out a release called "The Title Goes Here E.P." but because of marching band season they failed to make it. The band slowly fell apart. They didn't talk to their bassist Jeff anymore and they didn't pracitce at all. But once marching season had finished, the band had realized that they needed to get back together and write. Then they agreed to try at another release for the year 2004. Chase wrote a few new songs and they were certain that all of them were kickass because of band. Who would have known that school could teach you things? The band was to make a new cd called NR which was supposed to be a full record release. The band then started practice again. No Regrets was back.
In early January 2004 the band got a problem. Baca was grounded. Now this was nothing new but it got serious. "They are starting to let me outside now." said Baca. Anyways they got a new guitarist who was previously their producer, Garrett Peters. He was the newest addition to the band. Baca was still in the band but since he was grounded, they needed a substitute. And Garrett was willing to fill that position. Garrett got fairly good since Chase had started to teach him. His guitar teacher taught him well to that point and he was ready for the band. But there was still a problem indeed... the band still needed a bass player and Bijan Sharifi, the famous snare drummer from the Carlsbad Drumline, agreed to take the place of bass and to do some vocals also. Again, they were finally a real band.
Then, right after Bijan decided to join the band, they ran into another problem. During practices, Garrett was always a pecker and was too slow to learn the songs. They would have fired him, but he quit first. So then it was just Tanner, Chase, Baca and Bijan. In New York, (playing Carnegie Hall) Chase and Tanner realized that they needed to change their name. After weeks of contemplating even to change the name or not... they decided on the name Syrche and it was final. After a number of failed to be made albums... the band decided to try at another record. All the songs layed out, an album cover, and an album name. With Syrche's new found sound they set out to record "There's Meaning In These Lies...", their first ever full record including their hit as No Regrets "The March of Trashy Hill" because it was the only old song they had worth putting on their new album.
After awhile, the band got sick of the name Syrche. Actually, they didn't really like it in the first place. They were just getting tired of the name No Regrets. So they decided to name the band after Chase's short story that he was writing, which is called "Bloodshed & Affair." So we named ourselves bloodshedaffair.
More Biography coming soon because our history is still in the making....